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The entirety of our service offering gravitates around our core mission: "coumpounding wealth, while sleeping soundly". Our core beliefs, the investment process and the product offering are shaped by this overarching goal



Our day to day actions are guided by our investment process. It embodies a few simple steps that allow us to navigate the complex financial world with our main goals in firmly in focus.


The adherence to the process at all times and the consistent and disciplined implementation is one of  the key differentiating elements of nanos investment


Our current offering comprises 2 options:


  • BB nanos Swiss Compounders - A Swiss listed equity note for Swiss residents

  • Managed accounts - taylormade to the needs of our clients

Both of these products have the commonalies of being concentrated portfolios with a unique fee structure charging a very modest administrastion fee with a performance sharing scheme above a certain hurdle rate. 

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